Super-easy Ways to Extend the Life of Your Polypropylene Rugs

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If you have a Polypropylene rug for your home or office, no doubt you have a great choice of floorings. As these rugs are inexpensive and easy to clean or maintain, they are the favourite of many rug owners. So, you can use them for high traffic areas with minimum care. Yet, every carpet needs attention and proper cleaning. This post will discuss the various ways to clean a Polupropylebe rug and maintenance tips from the best rug cleaners.

Spot Removal Techniques

Got a spilt on your rug’s design? Whenever you spot a spill, clean it immediately. Don’t wait too long till it becomes a permanent stain. You don’t need to panic; follow these hacks, and you will be fine:

1. Remove Pet stains

Urine stains are the worst; They are embarrassing too. Cleaning them is no one’s favourite task. However, you can’t ignore them. The odour will make you go crazy. So, either you can use a paper towel and blot the spill or call rug washing Sydney experts for deep cleaning. You can also use an enzyme-based stain protector. Try the product on the corner of your flooring and if all goes well, apply it to the damaged area. Then, rinse and dry the carpet.

2. How to Get Wax Out of Polypropylene Carpet

So you’ve been playing around with wax and got some on the carpet. But this time, act as soon as possible since the longer the wax lies on the rug, the more difficult it will be to remove the stain. Next time, lay down on a towel.

  • Fill a carrier bag with ice and place it over the stain. Allow the wax to freeze for a few minutes.
  • Remove the bag and begin scraping the wax off the carpet with a blunt knife.
  • Immediately place a clean towel or brown paper bag on the damaged carpet area.
  • Warm-up an electric iron, but not too hot. Press the iron slowly on the spot.

Removing gum, wax, and such sticky substances becomes super easy with some hacks. If you are too afraid to experiment, call the professionals to do the job.

3. Cure for Stubborn Stains

Crayons, wine or lipsticks are examples of significant carpet abuse, and you should notify your local expert cleaner. If you wish to try to remove this sort of stain, soak a clean rag in white spirit or turpentine and softly dab and wipe the spot with it. When (if) the stain is gone, wipe out any residual moisture with a dry, white paper towel. Repeat as needed.

You can also call experts for removing such stains as rug fibres are delicate, and any mistake in the DIY technique can result in damage. So, be careful, protect your flooring from both stains and do-it-yourself methods.

Additional Maintenance Tips

Polypropylene rugs are multi-purpose, lightweight and synthetic. That’s why it is suitable for any commercial or industrial place. Here is what you should do to maintain its original beauty:

  • Get a Quality Vacuum Cleaner

If you have pets, vacuuming won’t be enough for your flooring. Even if it’s a durable mat like Polypropylene, you need to invest in a good vacuum cleaner. Soft bristles and upholstery attachments are all that need to remove dust off of a rug. You can use a window squeegee or similar tool to remove deeply rooted fur. The trapped dirt and dust can make your flooring look dull and dirty. So, clean the carpeting twice a week with a quality cleaner and pull off subsequent bacteria, soil particles and even dander.

  • Use Rug Pads

Even though these floorings are made to endure high traffic, it’s best to use rug pads to avoid friction; the carpeting may slip on it and experience an accident if you have a tiled floor. So, for the safety of your rug and you, using quality pads.

  • Prevent Stains

Using fibre protection is best to prevent spills from going deep into the rug’s threads. Accidents and falls are as normal as walking on a carpet with shoes on. You may sometimes rule not to use shoes on it, but you can’t save your carpet from accidental stains. You have to be more careful if you have furry friends roaming around the flooring. They may rub their nails on the fibre, urinate on it or gift their hair and hander to the rug. So, keep an eye on them and ask for a high-quality fabric protector for carpet rug cleaning services.

  • Plan a Cleaning Routine

Adjust your time and make room for cleaning and vacuuming in your schedule. Hire the best rug cleaners and ask them to inspect your flooring. With their observations and results, you can plan the routine effectively.

Why Hire Professionals for Cleaning Your Polypropylene Rugs?

No matter how dust resistant and durable a rug is, it needs a professional deep cleaning every year.

  • They are experienced, certified and well-trained in different cleaning treatments.
  • Some cleaning hacks like steam cleaning and water damage restorations are better to leave to experts.
  • Experts know various rug types, inspect them and finalise a cleaning strategy uniquely beneficial for your flooring. They don’t use the same technique, no matter the rug type.
  • Carpet rug cleaning services are flexible, and you can work with them without any hassle. Just find the best cleaners, and you will do fine.

Along with hiring professionals, you should keep an eye on your pets, take care of spills immediately and maintain a vacuuming routine.

Clumsy coffee lovers, sloppy toddlers and naughty puppies can make your polypropylene area flooring look like an old rug within a few months. However, with the mentioned above tips and tricks, you will be able to protect these naturally stain-resistant floorings. Keep in mind these hacks and hire professionals offering commercial rug cleaning services to care for your precious investment. Commercial cleaners can help you make most of your assets without compromising their look and feel.

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