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      A Guide to Persian Wool Rug Cleaning and Grooming

      Wool rugs are highly durable and hence they are the best investment homeowners can make. Hiring professionals like Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney once a year for full-proof Persian wool rug cleaning treatment is enough to maintain wool rugs. Machine-made wool rugs last for 10-20 years with appropriate care & maintenance. They add beauty to the home décor and warmth to feet giving a comfortable & pleasant feel to your home.

      How Often to Clean Wool Rugs?

      Regular vacuuming the rug is crucial to retain its beauty & to keep the fibers of the rug germ-free. A new rug is likely to shed fibers do not panic, it is normal. Vacuum rugs twice a week from all sides i.e. the upper surface & the underside of the rug; make sure the vacuum bags are clean & vacant. Remove the rotating brush before you begin cleaning as it damages the texture of the rug. Until you avail of Persian wool rug cleaning from specialists, vacuuming twice a week is a feasible way of maintaining wool rug. In case of excess foot traffic vacuum the rug every alternate day.

      How to Remove Stains from Wool Rugs?

      Stain removal from a wool rug can be tricky but important. First of all the stain should be attended immediately; the more you allow the stain to lurk on the fabric the more it is going to ruin the look of your rug. In some cases, stains leave blemishes on rugs & are almost impossible to get rid of without a Persian wool rug cleaning treatment.

      Steps to Remove Stains at Home:

      • Blot the stain using a paper towel immediately. Blotting helps lower the damage & intensity of stain on your rug.
      • Spray some water to dilute the stain and blot again. Keep blotting.
      • Either hire a professional for Persian wool rug cleaning or you can use rubbing alcohol or vinegar on the stain. Rubbing alcohol works well in case you spilled a cosmetic while in case of a food stain you should take professional help.

      Experts also layer the rug with a scotch-guarding solution which creates a protective layer between damage & the fabric of the rug. This layer keeps germs, dirt, stains & pests away from the rug.

      Tips to Maintain Wool Rug:

      • Here are some tips by Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney experts to help you maintain woolen rugs.
      • Vacuum the rug twice every week. Dust beating rugs is another option you can pick.
      • Do not rub the stains; it will only ruin the fabric further.
      • Do not use alkaline detergents or store-bought shampoos to clean rugs.
      • Try to be cautious around the rug.
      • Keep pets & children away from rug to avoid accidents.
      • Move furniture carefully on the rug.

      Rugs are delicate & beautiful and get damaged easily. While woolen rugs live longer improper maintenance & negligence can damage them forever. In order to avoid replacing your beautiful woolen rugs opt for Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney’s unique, dependable & excellent rug care treatment.

      Persian Rug Cleaning Services for Moth Remediation

      Moth influx on rugs is a common concern of rug owners. Moths are harmless creatures but can ruin the rug permanently. They feed on the silk & wool of your rug and chew it all the time. Persian rug cleaning services can help in getting rid of moth infestation. An unclean rug appeals to moths & humid spaces work in favor of these microbes. If your wish to keep your rugs safe from threats of moths hires experts like Spark rug cleaning Sydney. Don’t wait until you see moths flying all over your house.

      Moth Influx on Rugs Can Cause:

      • Moths make holes all over the rugs while they feed on the silk. This damages the appearance of your rug.
      • Rugs infested with moths have contaminants lying deep inside the fabric which triggers skin allergies amongst the inhabitants. This can be only taken care of by professional Persian rug cleaning services Sydney.
      • They lay eggs all over the rug and multiply rapidly. Their eggs are too tiny to notice but the damage is visible.
      • Moths gradually end up infesting the kitchen area and contaminate sealed food packets as well. Hence a moth remediation treatment by Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney should be done before they take over the entire house.
      • Moth's hair on rugs can spread all over the house causing asthma, throat allergies, etc.
      • Moths leave yellow stains that make your favorite rug look ghastly; these stains are tough to remove.

      What Do Experts Do?

      Experts perform moth remediation along with Persian rug cleaning services Sydney so as to help you get rid of moth influx. According to experts once the moths have infested your rug using a cedar block or mothballs will be of no use. Mothballs can only avert new invaders not kills existing ones; besides mothballs can have hazardous health effects on inhabitants. Hence availing help from Spark rug cleaning Sydney is necessary.

      1. Moth Egg Extraction – A high-suction vacuum machine is used by experts to extract dirt, dust, moth larvae & moth eggs from the surface of the rug. This helps carry out the extermination process effectively.

      2. Steam Persian Rug Cleaning Services – A moth extermination chemical solution is applied on your rug and then steam cleaned using a steamer. Steaming leads to 100% germs & allergens eradication; dirt & microbes lying deep inside the fabric are killed with this technique.

      3. Moth Repelling Spray – Finally experts prefer using a scotch-guarding technique to prevent moth influx in the future. A moth repelling solution is sprayed all over the rug to coat it with a shielding layer which will keep the moth at bay. Apparently rug fibers taste bad to moths after this solution soaks into the fabric so they automatically maintain a distance.

      Regardless of how often you avail of professional Persian rug cleaning services, it is quintessential to vacuum rugs & keep them away from humidity as a precautionary measure. Rugs are delicate & moths can damage them in such a way that replacing them will be the final resort. So the moment you notice tiny yellow dots, or larvae on your rugs make sure you contact a professional without ado.

      Persian Rug Cleaning Sydney

      Persian Rug Cleaning Sydney - Tips & Tricks

      The awareness regarding hiring professionals for rug cleaning is increasing day by day amongst rug owners. They know the importance of availing of a Persian rug cleaning Sydney twice a year. But cleaning & taking care of your rugs in the meantime is highly crucial. Even though one might not be able to treat rugs as efficiently as professionals at Spark rug cleaning Sydney, rug cleaning & maintenance at home is not impossible at all.

      7 Tips and Tricks That Can Help You in Persian Rug Cleaning Sydney

      1. Timely Vacuuming – Vacuuming rugs at home or office is known to increase the longevity of your rug. Rugs owners should vacuum rugs at least twice a week to get rid of dust, dirt, soil, debris, pet dander, & microbes that spread contaminants all over the house. Rugs should be vacuumed every alternate day in case of heavy foot traffic or in case you have pets at home. Make sure you vacuum rugs without the rotating brush as it can ruin the texture of the fabric. Vacuuming helps clean fibers efficiently until you avail of professional help.

      2.Act Immediately – Another important step in rug cleaning is to act immediately especially in case of food & beverage spills. The more you allow the stain to loiter the tougher it will be to get away with the stain. Always use a paper towel to blot the liquid instead of scrubbing the fabric and hire experts like Spark rug cleaning Sydney for stain removal.

      3. Avoid DIYS – DIYS on YouTube & search engines can be tempting but they have the potential to damage your rug permanently. We often come across rugs damaged due to extreme home remedies like bleaching, the use of lemon & vinegar, or even shaving foam. While these remedies show quick results they are not as safe as a Persian rug cleaning Sydney treatment by trained & licensed experts.

      4. Rotate The Rug – when you avoid rotating the rug it begins to wears quickly due to high foot traffic; this devalues the rug by affecting its beauty. Uneven sun fading is another threat to your rug if you do not rotate it. Sun fading dulls the bright & vibrant colors of your rug; so, by rotating the rug you ensure even fading.

      5. Use Quality Underlay/Padding – High-quality padding for your rug will reduce the pressure of foot friction which presses the rug against the floor. This reduces the wear and tear of your rug and extends the life of your rug. Rug underlay also holds the rug thereby reducing tripping accidents.

      6. Invest In Protection – One of the most important steps in Persian rug cleaning Sydney is applying a protective coat all over the rug post-treatment. But this step can be optional; rug owners should invest and get a scotch-guarding treatment done on rugs as it restricts stain absorption, prevents microbe growth & dust accumulation on the fabric.

      7. Be Cautious – Apart from routine vacuuming, rotating & availing a professional full-proof treatment from Spark rug cleaning Sydney what rug owners need to do is be cautious around the rug. Keep sharp objects, candles, heating tools, liquid, food items, cosmetic away from the rug. Likewise, make sure you keep pets & children away from the rug to maintain the rug for a long time.

      Rugs protect solid surfaced floors; they keep your feet warm & improve the appearance of your interior. Hence a Persian rug cleaning Sydney treatment by professionals & practicing preventive measures is highly suggested to maintain your treasured rugs.

      Professional Persian Rug Cleaning - The Process

      Rug owners often rely on DIYS & home remedies for rug cleaning but availing professional help from trustworthy & qualified companies like Spark rug cleaning Sydney proves to be beneficial in the long run. Experts have apt tools & are well-aware of unique techniques to perform efficiently & one-of-a-kind professional Persian rug cleaning Sydney.

      How Do Experts Clean Persian Rugs?

      The process of rug cleaning is critical & demanding since experts often customize the treatment as per rug & rug owner’s needs. The extensive process of professional Persian rug cleaning is divided into 7 steps, which are as follows:

      1. Inspection & Pick Up – The rug is carefully checked for stains, soils, wear & tear patterns, repair needs, etc to settle on tools & detergents that will be apt for deep cleaning & disinfecting the rug. This helps quote a price and once that is agreed upon mutual terms the rug is taken to the workshop for further treatment.

      2. Dry Soil Extraction – Spark rug cleaning Sydney experts now use a high suction machine to extract dust, dirt, soils, debris, pet dander, & allergens embedded deep into the fabric of the rug. Dry soil extraction acts as a means of decontamination & makes cleaning easy. Dry soil extraction is critical especially for hand-woven & braided rugs as they are designed to hide dust & soil.

      3. Patch Test – Rugs are colored using natural dyes made of flowers & berries hence patch test on one corner of the rug is done by applying chemicals to be used. If the colors stay put the team goes ahead. If not the solution is changed to avoid discoloration & color-bleeding. The suitable organic cleanser is then applied to the rug & allowed to dwell for some time.

      4. Steam Cleaning – In professional Persian rug cleaning Sydney process experts use steamers to eradicate germs & microbes thriving in the fabric. The steam heat is harsh only on germs hence it deep cleans without ruing the fibers of the rug. Later the rug is rinsed using clean water to get rid of chemical residues.

      5. Speed Drying – A dehumidifier is used to dry rugs swiftly. Drying the rug is the most important step in the entire process; even the slightest of dampness can lead to mold growth on the rug. Moisture levels are checked to ensure that a completely dry rug is delivered to its owner.

      6. Grooming – Spark rug cleaning Sydney holds expertise in grooming old & ugly rugs. Experts apply nourishing conditioners to help regain the texture. Steam cleaning already works wonders by adding shine to the rug. Likewise, deodorizers are also sprayed to get rid of the decayed smell from the rug.

      7. Final Touch & Delivery – Finally minute details like fringe repair & resizing are taken care of before delivering the rug to its owner. Later the rug is inspected along with its owner for 100% satisfaction.

      Professional Persian rug cleaning Sydney will help you maintain the beauty of your rugs efficiently. Rugs tend to ruin after a certain time hence refurbishing them to increase longevity & enhance the beauty & safety of your home is mandatory.

      Questions to Ask Persian Rug Cleaning Expert Before Hiring Them

      Persian rugs are one of the biggest investments you will make on your upholstery items. They are intricately woven & made of natural materials. Therefore, they demand appropriate care & handling. While rug owners prefer vacuuming & cleaning rugs all by themselves, hiring a Persian rug cleaning expert from Spark rug cleaning Sydney once in a while is necessary. When hiring professionals, it is crucial to enquire about their services, after all, you would not want to give your rugs just to anyone right?

      What to Ask Your Persian Rug Cleaning Expert?

      1. Do you have professional cleaners on your staff?

      It is very important to confirm that the cleaners who will be cleaning your rugs are professional. They should have apt training to clean rugs & sufficient experience in the same. Moreover, confirm if they have undergone background checks; after all, you letting strangers into your house can be risky.

      2. Is your company bonded or insured?

      If the company is bonded or insured like Spark rug cleaning Sydney, they are likely to reimburse in case you are dissatisfied with their work. Rugs have a sentimental value & high monetary worth and an insured company is likely to send a good Persian rug cleaning expert to protect your rug from rug thieves

      3. Is your staff certified by IICRC?

      Another important confirmation is to know if the staff is licensed & accredited by IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Acquiring a certificate from IICRC is costly this shows that the company is dedicated to serving you the best.

      4. What type of detergents do you use?

      Some rug cleaners often use harsh chemicals in an attempt to make your rugs look gorgeous. This will improve the appearance but can potentially damage the fibers permanently. Spark rug cleaning Sydney uses organic chemical solutions that are environment-friendly & clean rugs without ruining them.

      5. Can I have some referrals?

      Many companies offer services at low prices and their cleaners end up doing a sloppy job. At times they quote a low price over the phone and charge a high rate once the cleaning treatment is done. The only way to avert this is to ask them for referrals from their previous satisfied clients.

      6. Can you clean all types of fabric?

      It is vital to know if the Persian rug cleaning expert has a proper understanding of fabric. Rugs are made of natural fibers like silk & wool hence they need proper care & attention. An amateur cleaner will either fail to deep clean the rug or end up damaging the fabric by using the wrong tools & detergents. Hence before hiring them, it is suggested to ask if they are capable of cleaning your rug.

      7. Do you offer a guarantee for your services?

      Rug damage is inevitable and unfortunately, guarantees don’t cover it. But in case the stain has reappeared on your rug after it has dried you should be able to call the company to look into the matter. Mostly reliable & reputed service providers like Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney offer a guarantee of 30 days post-treatment.

      Inquiry is the key to hiring the best Persian rug cleaning expert for your delicate & valuable rug. feel free to conduct your research and ask the above questing before hiring anyone so you can enjoy an excellent, prompt & reliable rug cleaning experience.

      Why Do You Need a Persian Rug Cleaning and Repair Treatment?

      The effortless way to spruce up the appearance of your home or office décor is by adding a beautiful vibrant rug to it. Rugs are a source of comfort & warmth; they are the most frequently used upholstery item and hence are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Availing of a Persian rug cleaning and repair treatment from reputed & experienced professionals like Spark rug cleaning Sydney can prove to be beneficial in countless ways.

      Persian Wool Rug Cleaning

      Boons of Persian Rug Cleaning and Repair Treatment

      1. Eliminates Hazardous Allergens – A professional rug cleaning treatment is carried out using updated tools & organic chemical solutions to ensure efficiency. The experts eliminate all kinds of hazardous allergens like dust, dirt, pet dander, pollens, micro-organisms, etc lying deep inside the fabric. This promotes cleaner & healthier environments and protection from health threats like asthma, skin allergies, jaundice, eczema, etc.

      2. Spotlessly Clean Rugs – Skilled craftsmen at Spark rug cleaning Sydney are experienced in stain removal. They not only clean the rugs but also ensure 100% stain removal. Moreover, experts coat the rug with a stain-resilient solution to prevent absorption of food spills, beverages, cosmetics & any other kind of liquid. At times a moth resistance spray is also applied as moths can damage the rug by leaving yellow stains on the rug while they feed on the silk of the Persian rug.

      3. Increase Durability of The Rug – One of the major benefits of Persian rug cleaning and repair is that it increases the life of your favorite rug. Over time the dust, soil particles & allergens that get embedded deep into the rug eventually cause the fibers to split & deteriorate. But with professional treatment getting away with these contaminants is a child’s play. Once experts deep clean the rug, the aging process is slowed down drastically thus extending the longevity of your rug.

      4. Prevents Mold Growth & Moth Influx – Rugs full of dust, dirt & germs are at more risk of developing mold growth on them. Likewise, if rugs come in contact with humidity the problem becomes worse. Mold growth spread rapidly damaging the look of your rug; the spores they release can cause outbreaks of transmittable diseases. With water extractors & dehumidifiers, experts use humidity in rugs is eliminated thus making mold remediation possible. The protective solution they apply on rugs also helps restrict moth influx on rugs.

      5. Well-Groomed Rug – Rug repair service also includes grooming the rug. The skilled team of Spark rug cleaning Sydney can do fringe repair, seam repair, dyeing, color blocking, over-locking, hand-weaving, & patching to repair the look of your rug. Most often expert’s trim fibers & apply nourishing conditioners to add shine & enhance the texture of your rug.

      Armed with supreme quality resources professionals can serve brilliant Persian rug cleaning and repair effortlessly. Persian rugs are not just a style statement; they give you a sense of belongingness & comfort. So if you wish to enjoy a pleasant & safe environment at home/office while you create a stunning impression on acquaintances pick Spark rug cleaning Sydney for your rug maintenance needs.

      Persian Rug Repair Services

      Regular vacuuming the rug is crucial to retain its beauty & to keep the fibers of the rug germ-free. A new rug is likely to shed fibers do not panic, it is normal. Vacuum rugs twice a week from all sides i.e. the upper surface & the underside of the rug; make sure the vacuum bags are clean & vacant. Remove the rotating brush before you begin cleaning as it damages the texture of the rug. Until you avail of Persian wool rug cleaning from specialists, vacuuming twice a week is a feasible way of maintaining wool rug. In case of excess foot traffic vacuum the rug every alternate day.

      Persian Rug Care

      Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney has extensive experience in cleaning delicate, vintage, and uncommon rugs. Soil and debris-covered up in your rug can cause harm that is irreversible if not treated rapidly. Further, Rug Wash Sydney requires precision treatment, proper technique, and gear to guarantee the ideal outcome. Therefore, the group at Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney are specialists in giving professional Persian rug cleaning Sydney. Our group is profoundly knowledgeable about expert mat cleaning, which means your floor covering is protected with us.

      Persian Rug Cleaning Sydney

      Persian rug cleaning Sydney is an art best took care of by experts with long periods of involvement with Persian rug care. The experts at Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney can assist you to prolong the life of your rug with our esteem services. We can assess your rug to give you a sensible idea of how adequately we can clean it or, sometimes, re-establish it. On the off chance that your valuable Persian mat needs an intensive clean, contact the specialists at Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney today. Rug washing Sydney is a breeze.

      A Portion of Our Specialties Include:

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      • Eco-friendly strategies
      • Instant question answered
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      • Adaptable working hours
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Is it possible to clean Persian rugs?
      Persian rugs should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, but you can do it yourself. If you’ve determined the carpet is clean, vacuum/swipe/shake it to get rid of some dust. Spray all sides of the rug with cool water.

      2. How can I clean my Persian rug by myself?
      Colourfast area rugs should be hand washed with a mild detergent, a soft-bristled brush, or a sponge. Rinse them thoroughly with water mixed with a dollop of white vinegar to eliminate the odour. They should be hanging to dry.

      3. Is it possible to vacuum a Persian rug?
      This cleaning tool should never be used on a Persian rug. Vacuuming a Persian rug is a good thing in general. It prevents debris from settling into the rug and accumulating and causing damage. Avoid using a vacuum with a rotating brush attachment, also known as a beater bar.

      4. How long can a Persian rug last?
      Depending on the volume of traffic, the state of the rug, and the quality of care it receives, the rug could last anywhere from 20 to 200 years. Rugs gathered by collectors and exchanged for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars are often centuries old.

      5. How do you get dog pee out of a Persian rug?
      Combine white vinegar and water in a 50/50 ratio. Try this formula on the back of the carpet to ensure that the colours of your rug don’t migrate. If running does not occur, saturate the urine area of the rug with the mixture and leave it for 3-5 minutes.

      Persian Rug Cleaning and Repair
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