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Are you in need of the best carpet and rug cleaning Berkeley Company? Then look no further! Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney knows how to restore your old rugs and make them as good as new. Our master rug cleaner Berkeley is available 24/7 to offer you the best rug cleaning Berkeley solutions for your precious rugs.

We offer a wide range of rug cleaning services that include rug deodorization service, rug sanitization service, rug dry cleaning service, rug steam cleaning service, stain removal service, and the list goes on. Our master cleaners are available to offer you service, irrespective of the time and day. We work round-the-clock including, on weekends and public holidays, to provide you the best rug cleaning service. Plus, we are always there in case you have an emergency. Call Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney to get a quote.

Just like your carpets, even rugs get stained or contaminated and hold tons of dust, dirt, bacteria, mould, and fungus. In case you had a flood, our expert rug cleaner Berkeley will be at your residential and commercial property in less than an hour of the booking. Plus, you can hire us for the other services offered by us, such as rug dry cleaning service, rug steam cleaning service, rug stain removal service, etc

Why Choose Spark Rug Cleaning Berkeley ?

Apart from sheer professionalism, we have a wide range of qualities that make us stand apart from other rug cleaners in Sydney. So, if you are still thinking about choosing us or not, then read the below-mentioned points to find more about us: Affordable rug cleaning service: At Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney, we are committed to offering the most cost-effective rug cleaning Berkeley service to all the customers.

Licensed Technicians: We follow industry standards to T and to ensure that we employ only licensed professionals. Our master duct cleaner Berkeley is qualified and trained to perform rug cleaning service in Berkeley .

Harmless Rug Cleaning Berkeley Service: At Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney, we offer safe and satisfactory rug cleaning service to all clients. This ensures that you get value for money service, and every single penny is spent well.

Experienced Rug Cleaning Company: We have more than 20 years of experience and this certainly makes us the most experienced company in the field.

Latest and modern technology: We use high-tech and modern technology to provide you the safest and finest rug cleaning solution to the customers.

Eco-friendly Rug Cleaning Service: We care about your health and use eco-friendly solutions to ensure that the delicate fabric retains its original charm and softness even after the treatment.

Emergency Rug Cleaning Service: At Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney, we offer same-day and emergency rug cleaning service at no additional cost. Get in touch with us and let us know your emergency, we will be there to swoop in to save the day.

Reasons Why Rug Cleaning is Needed

  • Rugs accumulate dust, dirt, soil, bacteria, and other harmful allergens.
  • Over time, sweat, dead skin, and other foreign contaminants tend to damage the rug.
  • Homes with pets are more likely to have dirty rugs that require regular professional cleaning. Pets dander and hair are the most common pollutants found in the rug as pets love to roll and play on the rug.
  • On regular usage, rugs tend to lose their comfort, softness as dirt gets into the fabric.
  • Rugs attract all sorts of foreign contaminants, soil, dust, dirt, bacteria, virus, and other allergens.
  • Further, when you use DIY methods to clean a rug, you can just clean the surface of the rug and not remove the deeply embedded dirt in the rug. For deep rug cleaning, it is advised to call a professional.
  • Due to dirt and soil accumulation, rugs tend to lose luster and colour. Our professional rug cleaner Berkeley , utilizes special cleaning agents to ensure there is no damage to the fabric.
  • Clean rugs are less likely to hamper the health of your loved ones. So, with our professional rug cleaning service, you can get rid of coughing, sneezing and other airborne ailments that are caused by the pollutants on the rug.

Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney is a renowned and reliable rug cleaning company in Berkeley , and it offers tailored, professional rug cleaning services to all customers.

Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney – Rug Cleaning Process

At Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney, we offer a wide range of rug cleaning services. After a careful inspection of the quality and scope of work, our master duct cleaner Berkeley suggests one of the below-mentioned processes. Further, rug steam cleaning includes: 1. Examination 2. Dry vacuuming 3. Drying the rug 4.Piling the rug 5. Deodorization

Rug Cleaning Process

At Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney, we offer a wide range of rug cleaning services. After a careful inspection of the quality and scope of work, our master duct cleaner Berkeley suggests one of the below-mentioned processes. Further, rug steam cleaning includes:

  • A thorough inspection
  • Dry vacuuming the rug
  • Rug stain removal
  • Hot water extraction
  • Piling the rug
  • Drying the rug
  • Rug Deodorisation
  • Initial inspection
  • Latest technology vacuum cleaning
  • Washing the rug with the least possible water
  • Post vacuuming rug

Importance of Professional Carpet and Rug Cleaning Sydney

Never ignore your rugs. Rugs play a crucial role in enhancing your home and office décor. Over time, rugs accumulate dirt from the shoes and spills from our food. So, maybe it is time to show a little love to your beautiful rugs. They deserve the best cleaning service, and Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney provides exceptional cleaning service at an affordable price.

Cleaning a rug is a complex job, and doing it by yourself at home may damage the rug or make it messy. Rugs need a gentle yet effective cleaning solution to remove all the dirt without hampering the delicate fabric. Our team of rug cleaner Berkeley is trained and offers effective solutions at an affordable price.

The Best Carpet and Rug Cleaning Company

We at Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney believe in offering our clients the most effective and the best professional rug cleaning service. We are a team of experienced rug cleaners who are capable of cleaning and restoring any kind of carpet at a given time. Our cleaners are equipped with high-tech tools and equipment to ensure that you get the desired rug cleaning results. All our carpet cleaning solutions are available at an unbeatable cost with zero compromises on the quality of our service.

Types of Rugs We Clean

We at Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney are absolutely capable of cleaning any type of rug, from cotton, wool, silk, Persian, oriental, synthetic to fur, woven rugs. Our team of master cleaners is equipped and trained to provide you professional, effective rug cleaning service. Whether it is a residential or commercial rug, we are capable of cleaning and restoring it for you, that too at incredible prices. We offer a complete range of services to our customers. Our services comprise:

Stain Removal Service

Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney offers a high-quality rug cleaning service. Additionally, we even offer a stain removal service to our customers. We use a specialized spot removal solution on the rugs, to loosen the stain that has deeply penetrated the fiber. Call us today to get the best rug stain removal results in Dawes Point.

Flood Damaged Rug Restorations

We offer round-the-clock rug cleaning services. If you have recently experienced a flood, then you can avail of our flood-damaged rug cleaning services at any point in time at your convenience. Our expert team offers you rug cleaning service at your doorstep. In case of emergencies like a flood, water leak, or water damage, call our professional cleaner, and they will be at your doorstep in no time.

Mould Removal Service

Mould thrives in moist places, and your wet rug is no exception. Mould growth can be a health hazard and spread several diseases among family members. Further, mould can leave eye soaring stains on your rugs that have the potential to spoil the look. Call our professional rug cleaner Berkeley and effectively get rid of mould from the rug. We use a unique mould removal solution to remove mould without damaging the delicate fabric. DIY methods are not effective and remove stain only from the surface of the rug, but it is seen that they have even worsened the situation. Thus, it is essential to hire a reliable, professional rug cleaning company to remove stains and retain their original condition.

Rug Dry Cleaning Service

The dry cleaning method is used when cleaning rugs with water is not suitable. Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney uses the best dry cleaning solvents to loosen and remove deeply settled dirt and stain. We use high-power vacuum cleaners to remove dry cleaning solvents from the surface of the rug. This method helps in maintaining luster and making it clean, fresh as before.

Wool Rug Cleaning Service

Our rug cleaning Berkeley team is experienced and holds vast knowledge about cleaning and repairing. Further, they are capable of completely restoring all kinds of rugs with utmost perfection. Our professional rug cleaner Berkeley understands the value of your woolen rugs, thus ensuring complete safety to avoid damage to the carpet. We first inspect the rug and then start the cleaning process to remove dirt, dust, and other harmful pollutants. Call us today to make your rug look and smell fresh as new.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Service

Oriental rug comes in a wide range of shapes, colours, and sizes. Further, the fabric may look dull and damaged due to the accumulation of dirt and dust on it. Hire Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney to safely and professionally clean your precious rugs. Our cleaners are licensed, trained and expert in cleaning all kinds of rugs. Call us today to extend the lifespan of your beautiful oriental rugs.

Persian Rug Cleaning Service

Persian rugs are a fashion statement, owing to their intriguing design and artistic features. Further, they are costly, and damage to their delicate fabric while cleaning is not acceptable. Our cleaners use non-toxic, special cleaning solvents to effectively clean the rug without causing any damage to it. Get in touch with us to effectively restore your Persian rugs.

Rug Stain Protection

Apart from stain removal, we even offer a stain protection service. Just like other upholstery, stains on the rug also look ugly and spoil the look of the house. Further, with a Scotchgard stain protection treatment, you can extend the life of the rug and keep them stain-free for a longer time. Scotchgard may cost you a little extra, but it is an excellent option to keep your rugs clean, spotless for a longer time.

Same Day Rug Cleaning Service

If you are looking to get your rug cleaned on the booking day itself, then Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney has got you covered. Our technicians are situated locally and would mobilize in just an hour of your call. Further, our rug cleaner Berkeley team is equipped with the latest tools and technology to remove and clean rugs in less time. If you call us, you will certainly benefit from our experience, knowledge, and expertise. Call us now to get a same-day rug cleaning service.

End of Lease Rug Cleaning service

We are experts and offer the best, hassle-free end-of-lease rug cleaning Berkeley service. No matter how damaged your rugs are, our cleaners will try their best to restore them to their best possible version. Further, moving out is too much of a hassle, and there are several things to worry about. Leave carpet and rug cleaning worry to us. Our end-of-lease rug cleaning service has helped several tenants for years. We use advanced cleaning agents to make your rugs spotless and good as new. Call us today to increase the chances of getting your bond back.

Hire us to Get Affordable Rug Cleaning Service in Berkeley

At Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney, we are proud to offer the best rug cleaning service at an unbeatable price. With years of experience and training, we are able to deliver the best cleaning solution at the most affordable price. We believe in a no-compromise policy when it comes to the quality of our rug cleaning service. So if you call us, you can rest assured that your rugs are getting the best cleaning treatment. Contact us at any point in time to completely restore and clean your ducts. Further, cleaning rugs require expertise, professionalism, and experience, and Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney has all these three factors. Call us to experience the best rug cleaning service!


Q- What is the cost of cleaning rugs?

There are several factors that determine the cost of rug cleaning services, such as the size of the rug, machines, labor work, and treatment required. If you are looking for an affordable rug cleaning service, then call Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney.
Q- Is shampoo cleaning the rug a safe option?
Yes, using rug shampoo for cleaning rugs is absolutely safe. Further, this product is approved by CRI and does not damage the fabric of the rug.
Q- Reason to choose professional carpet cleaners, do they make any difference in the cleaning process?
Professional rug cleaners are experienced and clean rugs on a daily basis. Further, they use the latest technology and products to clean your rugs. So, of course, their work does make a huge difference. Plus, they take complete responsibility for the job so that you can relax and enjoy the world-class rug cleaning service.
Q- Tips to keep rug clean and beautiful
  • Vacuum clean rugs regularly
  • Take care of the spills immediately
  • Avoid getting dirty footwears on the rugs
  • Get the rugs cleaned by professionals regularly
  • Do rug protection treatment

Q- Do you offer commercial Rug Cleaning Services?

Yes, we offer a 24x7 commercial rug cleaning service at the most affordable price. Our technicians use advanced tools and safe cleaning solutions to provide the best rug cleaning service.