Safest and Best Persian Rug Cleaning in Rydalmere

      Rugs are one of the most crucial aspects of home décor. Because of foot traffic, spills and similar factors, rugs contain various germs, both known and unknown to us. That’s why cleaning this necessary aspect of the décor is essential.

      Germs, filth, dust, bacteria, allergies, pet dander, decaying food particles, and even a variety of microscopic bugs may thrive in dirty rugs. All of these pose significant health concerns, particularly to youngsters and the elderly. Therefore, hiring professionals for a rug cleaning service is mandatory.

      You have to be more careful when you have an authentic Persian rug on your floor. Woven with delicate fibres, these rugs are tricky to clean. But, we can happily assist you in keeping your Persian rugs clean and hygienic. For this, all you have to do is, connect with us for the best professional Persian rug cleaning in Rydalmere.

      Our Rug Cleaning Procedure

      Our professional rug cleaners follow a standard procedure for the best Persian rug cleaning service. We do not compromise on our process and follow each step with dedication. Our habit of keeping an eye on details and providing hassle-free rug cleaning service has made us one of the top companies in Rydalmere. Here are the details of our rug cleaning procedure:

      1. Inspection

      Before our rug cleaning experts wash your rug, we check them for loose threads and knots, which will be addressed first. The dye is then carefully examined to determine if any places may be prone to colour bleeding.

      We also search for stains, discolouration, or other damage that may require extra care throughout the cleaning process. From the fibres to the fringes to the bottom padding, every inch of your rug is examined. By inspecting the rug, we understand the type, firmness of the fringes, intensity of the stains or damages. Once we gather this information, we are able to perform the cleaning techniques effectively.

      2. Dusting

      Dusting is a critical step in the rug cleaning procedure. Without it, allergens and dust would remain in the fibres. Dusting is more tricky while cleaning commercial rugs. That’s why our experts dedicate more time to a commercial rug cleaning service.

      3. Pre-treatment

      Rugs are then pre-treated with a non-toxic, environmentally friendly solution. We use a pressure washer, which breaks down particles and minerals in the flooring.

      4. Washing Machine

      Our rug washing machines use eco-friendly soap and water to gently wash carpets while scrubbing them with gentle brush pads to remove stains and mineral deposits. Our machines deep clean your rug without destroying its beauty in the process.

      5. Drying

      While our machines remove the water, we still need to remove every ouch of water since leaving them moist for too long might lead to mould growth. Rugs are taken to the drying room and put up to dry.

      6. Final Examination

      Finally, for quality control, one of our experts inspects your rug. The rugs are then lightly brushed to eliminate loose particles and restore the natural nap of the flooring.

      You may think this procedure is time-consuming, but with our experienced rug cleaners, we can provide you with same-day Persian rug cleaning in Rydalmere. So, don’t worry about the time and other factors; give us a call, and we will handle everything else. You can also connect with us for commercial rug cleaning in Sydney.

      Why Should You Clean Your Persian Rug Regularly?

      As we all know, Persian rugs are more delicate and authentic than area rugs. That’s why these rugs need more attention. Here are some reasons why you should clean your Persian rugs regularly:

      1. It removes potentially hazardous particles

      Rugs contain a variety of hazardous particles, including dirt, dust, pet dander, and food particles. These particles have the potential to transmit germs, infections, and illnesses throughout your house. Keep your carpets clean by vacuuming regularly to keep you, your family, and your guests safe.

      2. Assists in extending the life of the rug

      The filth on your rugs will gradually tear down the carpet fibres, causing permanent harm. Every step you take on dirty flooring can create abrasion, which accelerates degradation. It is necessary to clean your carpets regularly if you want them to last as long as possible.

      3. Enhances the look of carpets

      Clean rugs are more visually appealing, perhaps longer-lasting, and likely healthier than dirty ones. These rugs are the centre of attraction in any room; hence, a stain or dirt can ruin the look of your interior.

      Apart from regular vacuuming, you should always hire a professional for Persian rug cleaning service. Hiring experts is like an investment you make to keep your rugs beautiful for the long run. So, hurry up, and call us now.


      1. Is it possible to clean Persian rugs?

      Persian rugs should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, but you can do it yourself. If you’ve determined the carpet is clean, vacuum/swipe/shake it to get rid of some dust. Spray all sides of the rug with cool water.

      2. How can I clean my Persian rug by myself?

      Colourfast area rugs should be hand washed with a mild detergent, a soft-bristled brush, or a sponge. Rinse them thoroughly with water mixed with a dollop of white vinegar to eliminate the odour. They should be hanging to dry.

      3. Is it possible to vacuum a Persian rug?

      This cleaning tool should never be used on a Persian rug. Vacuuming a Persian rug is a good thing in general. It prevents debris from settling into the rug and accumulating and causing damage. Avoid using a vacuum with a rotating brush attachment, also known as a beater bar.

      4. How long can a Persian rug last?

      Depending on the volume of traffic, the state of the rug, and the quality of care it receives, the rug could last anywhere from 20 to 200 years. Rugs gathered by collectors and exchanged for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars are often centuries old.

      5. How do you get dog pee out of a Persian rug?

      Combine white vinegar and water in a 50/50 ratio. Try this formula on the back of the carpet to ensure that the colours of your rug don’t migrate. If running does not occur, saturate the urine area of the rug with the mixture and leave it for 3-5 minutes.

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